August 29, 2016

Get Involved


Volunteers play a huge part in our success! If you are looking to get involved, never hesitate to reach out to us. Simply email!

Sponsorship & Advertising

Theatre wouldn’t be possible with the support of an amazing community! Sponsorship packages and advertising are offered for many of our shows. More information coming soon!

Call for set designers!

We need your help to bring Roald Dahl’s famous story of Charlie Bucket, Willy Wonka and the Oopa-Loompas to life. Feel free to submit set designs for any of the scenes from the musical, along with an explanation of how they work. Ambitious designs for moving sets and special effects are welcome – Dahl’s story features a flowing chocolate river and waterfall and a flying glass elevator, among many other fantastical elements in the candy factory. Creating something out of nothing for the stage is nothing short of miraculous!

“At the start of this show, Charlie Bucket’s world is grey and cold, but he uses his imagination to transofmr the world into something wonderful. And Willy Wonka and his factory are the embodiment of the power of imagination.”

Drawings, descriptions, photos and videos will be accepted on a volunteer basis. Credit for designs used, or artistic painting will be given in the show program. Please submit all ideas to or dropped off at the Community Center before August 31, 2017.