June 27, 2017

Oh Danny Boy

Thursday, September 14th at 7:00 PM, Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern

Tickets on sale now for $50 per person! Includes your choice of ½ Pretzel Crusted Trout, Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Smoked Chicken Breast or Veal Truffle Meatloaf. All entrees will be served with a house salad, fresh roll, whipped Yukon gold potatoes, garlic green beans and finished off with chocolate bombe. Coffee, soda, and tea will be included. Must be 18 or older to attend! Purchase your tickets at Twinsburg Community Center, Twinsburg Fitness Center, or online.

About Oh Danny Boy

When Daniel “Danny Boy” Fitzpatrick, the only son of the president of the Dockworkers Union, Patrick Fitzpatrick, is blown to bits in a car bombing, both tears and beers begin to flow with certain regularity. At the wake of Danny Boy, Tony Marinzano, local mobster, shows up to pay his respects only to be greeted with accusations from Patrick, and the grieving mother, Irene. It is well known that Tony wants to take over control of the lucrative funds from the Dockworkers, and the distinct possibility exists that Tony was involved in the bombing. But who knows for sure? Top notch investigative reporter, Carol Tuesday, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, is on hand to get to the truth, while the famous homicide detective, Sean O’Grady III, has his hands full with these, and some other strange characters. He may need your help, so stay alert and be careful.

Cast List

Sean O’Grady III – David Wales
Carol Tuesday –
Regina Krieger
Tina “Pinky” Martelli –
Becca Hosier
Sophia Marinzano –
Chantell Covino
Seamus McMann –
Joe Turner
Irene Fitzpatrick –
Brynda Ivan
Patrick Fitzpatrick –
Dave Goldstein
Tony “The Blade” Marinzano –
Andrew Gordon