November 2, 2016

Lesli Berk Scholarship

Lesli Berk - TCT friend, volunteer, and advocateThe Lesli Berk Memorial Scholarship gives a financial reward to at least (1) college-bound Twinsburg School District-residing high school senior, based on demonstrated contributions and commitment to Twinsburg Community Theatre in remembrance of Lesli Berk, a longtime TCT friend, volunteer, and advocate.

Criteria: The students eligible for this scholarship must be graduating high school seniors who reside in the Twinsburg School District.  Students should submit a scholarship application and essay on the forms provided, and submit to the Twinsburg Community Center – clearly marked “TCT Scholarship Application”.

Guidelines: Scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis and disbursed in one payment by June 1, 2020.  Applicants must have demonstrated contributions to Twinsburg Community Theatre during 9-12th grade, or equivalent. The following criteria and consideration will be utilized to determine the winner of the annual scholarship:

  • Twinsburg Community Theatre Experience (show participation, costumes, workshop, set building, marketing, concessions, etc…). Students must have participated at least 3 of 4 years of high school, or equivalent to be considered.
  • Character (displays good attitude, outgoing, leadership, personable, willing to take risks, try new things…)
  • Application (is the application submitted in a professional/neat manner? Is it complete?)
  • Essay (Essay questions are answered in a thoughtful, personal summary)

The Twinsburg Community Theatre Committee Members will review all submissions to determine the scholarship recipient. The Twinsburg Community Theatre Committee Members reserve the rights to revoke and/or not award the scholarship (s), if deemed appropriate.

Amount: The scholarship quantities and amount will be determined once all applications for 2020 are received and reviewed. We will award a minimum of one scholarship for 2020, up to $500.00.

Deadline: The application deadline is March 1st, 2020. The deadline is the date after which applications will no longer be accepted. Drop off application at the Twinsburg Community Center, 10260 Ravenna Road.

The scholarship is NON-Renewable. Only High School Seniors who reside in the Twinsburg School District, and who have significant experience with Twinsburg Community Theatre (at least 3 of 4 years of high school, or equivalent) are encouraged to apply for the Lesli Berk Memorial Scholarship. 

For Questions, please contact: Heather Kramer,


Past Recepients

2017 – Kayla Giterman
2018 – Tommy Kijauskas
2019 – Monica Shah & David Georges