May 20, 2019

PAN – Youth Show


PERFORMANCE DATES: June 29th and June 30th at 2 PM at R.B. Chamberlin Middle School, 10270 Ravenna Road.

REHEARSALS: 6/17-6/21 from 6-8 PM, 6/24-6/26 from 6-8 PM, 6/27-6/28 from 6-8:30PM

PAN! DESCRIPTION: Everyone’s favorite story of Peter Pan is shortened and simplified. This condensed non-musical adaptation does an amazing job of retaining all the critical story elements.

You’ll meet the dog Nana, who can’t stop the Darling children from following Peter and Tinkerbell through the nursery open window to Neverland. There, they make friends with the Lost Kids and Princess Tiger Lily as they encounter Captain Hook, his gang of wily pirates, and of course, the ticking crocodile. This fast-paced show is packed with adventure and ideal to introduce the boy who wouldn’t grow up to the next generation!