August 29, 2016

Cast List

Willy Wonka – Cast List

Thank you to all of the wonderful folks who came out to audition for the Twinsburg Community Theatre’s production of Willy Wonka! The level of talent this year was just amazing! It is always so difficult to cut people from the cast, but the competition is just so tough we have to. If you did not receive a role in this show, we certainly hope you will brush up your skills, and be back out for the next one!

It has been such a tough decision to find a role for all of the wonderful people who auditioned. With that in mind, we are going to double cast several of the leads in the show. As we have six performances for the Willy Wonka show, each of the double cast performers will perform three shows in their lead role, and join the ensemble for the other three performances. The red cast will start the performance on opening night, and the blue cast will begin their run on night two and close us out at the final show. So 1,3,5 is Red cast and 2,4,6 is Blue cast. All other performers will perform all six shows.


Willy Wonka/alternate shows as Phineous Trout – 
Matt Radicelli

Charlie Bucket – Jacob Maluyao

Violet Beauregarde – Carlene Kijauskas

Veruca Salt – Olivia Sharp

Augusta Gloop – Ellie Kramer

Mike Teavee – Matthew Radicelli

Blue Cast

Willy Wonka/alternate shows as Phineous Trout
Todd Ivan

Charlie Bucket – Liam O’Hara

Violet Beauregarde – Sydney Goldstein

Veruca Salt – Ava Krouse

Augusta Gloop – Emma Wess

Mike Teavee – Jonathan Rosenberg

Performing in all 6 shows:

Candyman & Candygirl – Tommy Kijauskas & Mallory Mentzer

Mr.Salt – Matt Onion

Mr. Beauregarde – Bill Onion

Mrs. Gloop – Amy Brodsky

Mrs. Teavee – Lindsay Silverstein

Grandpa Joe – Joe Turner

Grandpa George – Dave Goldstein

Grandma Georgina – Regina Krieger

Grandma Josephina -Tara Santilli

Mr. and Mrs. Bucket – Ed & Kelly Kijauskas

Wonka’s Assistant & Soloist – Melanie Geiger

Golden Ticket Hostess – Adeline Sery

Candy (W)rapper – Dean Curran

Matilda (& squirrel) – Dakota Gordon

James (& street kid) – Robby Mentzer

Nut Technician- (& squirrel & street teen) – Matthew Kuchcinski

Townspeople/Ensemble – Brynda Ivan, David Wales, Joseph Maluyao, Laura Faini,  Adrienne Cvetkovic

Hip Hop Squirrels & Street Teens – Elizabeth Heiner, Aimee Flores, Kelsey Minter, Dakota Gordon, Jenna Bradbourne, Cecelia Radicelli , Sofia Curran, Kaitlyn Kaminsky, Isaac Heiner, Kevin Onion, Daryl Nana, Tyler Brashear, Sara Mertes, Matthew Kuchcinski, Kaitlynn Bamler

Lead Oompa Loompas – Julia Rodic & Laurel Branagan

Oompa Loompas – Ansley Gilbert, Rachel Zammikiel , Emmersyn Muth , Tessa O’Keefe, Devon Santilli, Julia Domingo, Aurea Corrales, Aubrie Hill, Olivia Albrecht, Alaina O’Hara, Isabella Faini, Madison Leskovec, Madisyn Muth , Julia Maluyao, Michelle Cardamone, Erin Hrach, Rebecca Peters, Marlena Riley, Caroline Kimmel, Ananya Yadati , Hannah Kemmerling. Kori Drenski

Lead Sugar Baby – Neela O’Hara

Sugar Babies – Madison Amber, Alexis Weber, Sophie Lewis, Jillian Figelman, Marlie Wesolowski, Lilly Sigg, Annie Radicelli, Ilyana Correia, Emma Hopkins

Lead Street Kid – Brandon Simchon

Street Kids – Robby Mentzer, Owen Moseley, Caden Silverstein, Tiernan Mahoney, Roman Corrales, Reuben Krieger, Jackson Barr